Please choose from ONE of these flavors:


Basil -OR- Satay -OR- Black Bean -OR-  Mango -OR- Cashew served with mixed vegetables
Chicken -OR- Beef  14.99
Shrimp ONLY 17.99
Deep Fried Tofu 13.99
Chop Suey served with mixed vegetables and bean sprouts
Chicken -OR- Beef 14.99
Shrimp ONLY 17.99
Deep Fried Tofu 13.99
add $2 to Chop Suey when mixed vegetables and bean sprouts change to
Chinese green (baby boy choy -OR- Chinese broccoli)
Broccoli Chicken -OR- Beef 15.99
Broccoli Shrimp NEW 18.99
Chili Chicken**† 15.99
Sweet & Sour Chicken**† 15.99
General Tao Chicken**† 16.99
For all the above** dishes, same price if changed to deep-fried tofu,
† these are dark-meat chicken breaded and deep-fried)
Stir-fry Chinese Green
(seasonal – choice of baby bok choy -OR- gai lan [Chinese broccoli])
Ma-Po Tofu 
(stir-fry tofu and minced chicken in spicy sauce)
Tasty Eggplant
(stir-fry eggplant and minced chicken in sauce)
  • All Wok dishes are served with steamed rice
  • BROWN RICE options are available at additional charge

Our restaurant is NOT peanut-free; some of our dishes contain traces of nuts or peanuts.
Please let us know if you have any food allergies; your health and well being is our concern.


contains peanuts   hot & spicy