Popular Rolls

6 pcs
Avocado and Cucumber 5.99
cucumber, avocado, surimi crab & caviar
avocado, salmon & caviar
tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, mayo & caviar
6.99 (4 pcs)
Spicy Tuna  7.50
Spicy Salmon  6.99
Spicy Crab  6.99
Spicy Hamachi  8.25
Spicy Oil Fish  6.75
Spicy Scallop  7.99
deep fried sweet potato and onion with mayo
Yam Avocado Tempura 6.50
Yam Tempura 5.99
egg, surimi crab, cucumber, pickle & avocado
7.50 (4 pcs)
Vegetarian Futomaki
inari-tofu, oshinko-Japanese pickled radish,
shitake mushroom with mock meat floss*
* made with NON-GMO textured soy-protein
– contains wheat protein sugar, sugar, salt and soy sauce
7.50 (4 pcs)
Deep Fried California Roll
drizzled with mayo and katsu sauce
8.99 (6 pcs)
Mango and Shrimp Salad Hand Roll
mango, shrimp, avocado and mango sauce with lettuce and soybean wrap
7.99 (2 pcs)
Philadelphia Roll
cream cheese, smoked salmon and green onion
8.50 (6 pcs)
temaki (cone-shaped hand roll) is available upon request, please inquire for pricing
(add $0.75 to each order of maki and $0.50 to each order of temaki if change to brown rice)
(add $0.75 to each order of maki or temaki if seaweed wrap change to mamenori (soybean paper wrap))