Woks / Curry

Woks – served with steamed rice

Basil Chicken or Beef 12.99
Satay Beef or Chicken 12.99
Black Bean Chicken or Beef 12.99
Mango Chicken or Beef 12.99
Cashew Chicken or Beef 12.99
Broccoli Beef or Chicken 12.99
Chicken or Beef Chop Suey 12.50
(All of the above: minus $1 if change to tofu; add $2 if change to shrimp; add $1 if change to seafood;
for * ONLY – add $1 if vegetables change to Chinese green)
Chili Chicken** 12.99
Sweet & Sour Chicken 12.99
General Tao Chicken 12.99
Sesame Chicken 12.99
Orange Beef 13.75
General Tao Beef 13.75
(For the above** dishes, same price if changed to tofu)
Stir-fry Chinese Green 9.95
(seasonal – choice of baby bok choy, OR
gai lan (Chinese broccoli)
Ma-Po Tofu  12.50
(stir-fry tofu and minced chicken in spicy sauce)
Tasty Eggplant
(stir-fry eggplant and minced chicken in sauce)

Curry  – Flavours: Red (medium), Green (hot), Yellow (mild) – served with steamed rice. Choice of:

Chicken 10.99
Beef 10.99
Fish Fillet 12.00
Shrimp or Seafood 13.00
Mixed Vegetables 9.99

(Add miso -OR- hot & sour -OR- Thai pumpkin and small green salad with ginger dressing for $2.00)



contains peanuts   hot & spicy